The Lake District is deservedly one of the most popular holiday destinations in England as it has some of the most breathtaking and beautiful scenery. It has a wonderful blend of soaring fells and tranquil lakes that offer a number of outdoor activities to make your holiday one to remember. Lake is a website that offers you a large range of all types of holiday accommodation for your Lake District holiday.

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We have a fantastic selection of Hotels / B&Bs to give you the best choice of Holiday accommodation in the Lake District. All of the Hotels can be booked securely online or by telephone through our reputable booking partners. Read More

When exploring the wonderful Lake District, one of the most popular types of holiday accommodation are Holiday Cottages offering an authentic feel of the area combined with the comforts of home. We have links to a large selection of Cottages. Read More

Holiday Parks are a good way to enjoy a Lake District holiday at an affordable price. Some of the Holiday Parks are Caravan Parks while others are Lodges Parks. Read More